The 300-unit housing project has two DM100 on site (and looking to buy one more) and are operating them 2-10 hour shifts Monday to Friday and 1-10 hour shift Saturday. These two machines are producing all the concrete products required for the project from blocks, bricks, various type of pavers, curb stones, permeable / soil retaining pavers, retaining wall stones etc. CLEZOL is a general contractor offering various construction services with best quality and technology. We are known for quality earth construction mostly Rammed Earth.  https://clezol.com/

Customer Videos from Kigali, Rwanda:

"Purchasing the DM-100 has been the exact paradigm shift my small landscaping company needed to propel us into the next level. The Stonemaker guys have been amazingly accommodating and supportive for our transition into the manufacturing sector. For us, purchasing our Stonemaker was not a hard decision. We simply compared the earning potential of a new truck or skid-steer to the DM-100 and made an easy decision!"
-Kris Heskha (Owner of Lockstep Paving Stone Inc.)
(Proud owner of a DM-100 since 2012)


“After extensive research, Stonemaker proved to be the only mobile equipment manufacturer specifically designed to handle our niche fiberglass and carbon fiber manufacturing process. And with the expertise of their service team, we experienced a smooth transition that has proved invaluable to helping us grow and stay competitive providing a unique service to our customers."

- Don Lilly, CEO, Global Fiberglass Solutions,Inc. 


Doug Pettit: Great product, great honest salespeople!