DM100 Dry Stamp & Wet Cast Concrete Machine ( Call Toll Free 1-866-438-1178)

  • Uses local aggregate to manufacture low cost concrete products

  • Works anywhere, easy to operate and inexpensive to run

  • Production line manufacturing of blocks, bricks, pavers, interlock, veneer & more

  • Produces ready mix concrete for casting, pouring or pumping

  • Hydration & storage building guarantees proper curing and warehousing of products

  • Produces more than 100 hollow blocks or 1,000 bricks every hour

Watch the DM100 in Action


At Stonemaker we are dedicated to bringing you the most productive, low cost concrete manufacturing systems available. And at the core of our belief is that manufacturing high quality concrete products can be done anywhere in the world without huge investments in factories or inventory.

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Flexibility is the key to our systems, ones that allow you to manufacture both dry mix for pavers and blocks then effortlessly switch to production of ready mix for casting, pumping, or pouring, all on a single platform and all with ease of operation. With Stonemaker the commitment doesn't end there, we also provide you with a full range of moulds, stamps and accessories that will meet virtually any job requirement.

With the worlds only dual production systems, the accessories needed to complete virtually any project and a dedicated service team to back it all up, Stonemaker is the only source for concrete systems that gives you the ability to manufacture the products you need, where you need them.

Innovation defines a company but organization and implementation ensure it's long term success. Stonemaker's company directors and management team have been mandated with the task of ensuring these founding principles are adhered to. With a deep rooted talent base that is comprised of entrepreneurs and experienced executives, Stonemaker is well positioned for growth and sustainability well into the 21st century.